Terms and conditions

1.Introduction – who are Surf Fit Life and what are our aims


Surf Fit Life is a Surf Fitness coaching company run by Andrew Cotton, Andrew Blake and Chris Farris. The aim is to equip retreat and event attendees with the skills to perform better in their chosen sport in an ocean environment. This is achieved through a variety of techniques which attendees can take with them long after the retreat or event has finished. Aiming to build ocean awareness and confidence to take you sport to the next level. Although targeted at Surf Fitness, the techniques can be used for a variety of ocean sports.




For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions the words ‘us’ or ‘we’ refer to Surf Fit Life or Surf Fit Life staff unless stated otherwise. The words ‘you’, ‘your’ or ‘the client’ or ‘attendee’ refer to the person entering into the agreement with a view to attending any activity with Surf Fit Life for any duration.

3. Booking Information


3.1 Booking with Surf Fit Life is easy and hassle free. Please contact our booking coordinator via the email address and state which dates and product you would like to book on. Our booking coordinator will get back to you within a reasonable time with a booking form and conditions of payment. Please fill out the booking form as soon as you can, sign and date it and email it back to the email address above. By signing the booking form you confirm that you have read and agree with our Terms and Conditions (link in the footer of the website or available as a PDF on request).

3.2 If you are booking for other people, the person making the booking is responsible for complying with the Terms and Conditions and will be held liable for those that you are booking for. The person making the booking is responsible for ensuring that those you are booking for read and understand the Terms and Conditions. All attendees must sign and date a booking form to show that they have read and comply with the Terms and Conditions.


4. Payment terms and cancellation Policy

4.1 A 20% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your booking. This must be paid within 7 days of receiving your booking form (see 2.1) or at least 6 weeks before the commencement of any activity , event or retreat with Surf Fit Life.


4.2 Full payment must be made at least 4 weeks before the start date of any activity with Surf Fit Life such as commencement of a surf retreat, surf lesson, event or surf camp. If you fail to pay the rest of the sum owing to Surf Fit Life before the 4 weeks before such activity, after Surf Fit Life have attempted to contact you at least 2 times either by telephone or email then you will forfeit your non-refundable 20% deposit. If you experience any difficulty in paying then please contact us immediately. Surf Fit Life retains the right to re-advertise your place on any activity if payment terms are not met and you will lose your non-refundable 20% deposit.


4.3 All monies to be paid to: Account Name: Andrew Blake, Account No. 58839534, Sort Code 60-02-03,  IBAN – GB60NWBK60020358839534,   BIC – NWBKGB2L


4.4 If for any reason (excluding  Force Majeure), Surf Fit Life is obliged to cancel your booking at any time then you will be refunded in full by via bank transfer within 3 weeks of the end date of any booking you may have had with us.


5. Transport

5.1 We may be able to help you organise your transport to and from transport hubs such as airports, ferry ports or bus stations. You will need to give us plenty of notice with arrival times, flight numbers etc and update us as to any delays etc. We can arrange for third party companies to do your transfer and any fee payment will be between you and the third party. We will try to give you best options for price and reliability, but ultimately it is up to you to arrange your travel to the Surf Fit location.


5.2 You understand that any travel organised by or suggested by us is entirely at your own risk and we are not responsible for any of your luggage or equipment. Surf Fit Life holds absolutely no liability for any loss, damage or theft of your belongings during any travel to and from the Surf Fit Retreat venue. You are strongly advised to take out travel insurance which adequately covers you personally and your luggage, equipment and belongings.


5.3 If we do provide local transport, Surf Fit Life shall endeavour to be punctual at any pick up point. However, we shall not be liable for any loss or extra cost incurred by you due to our lateness or failure to turn up at a pre arranged location.


5.4 Surf Fit Life reserves the right to exclude any person at any time with or without reason from the vehicle that we are using to transport you. Most likely causes include, but are not restricted to; intentional damage to vehicle, assumed under the influence of drugs or alcohol, verbally or physically abusive to other passengers or driver, causing a nuisance or making it difficult for the diver to drive safely.

6. Travel and personal insurances

6.1 Surf Fit Life strongly recommend that you take out your own travel insurance to cover personal injury and loss, damage or theft of your personal property. You should also consider cancellation/termination insurance cover in the rare event of Force Majeure or unforeseen circumstances leading to cancellation.


6.2 Any travel insurance is entirely your responsibility


6.3 Surf Fit Life shall, where appropriate, arrange insurances for activities, travel and accommodation services. Use of third party service providers will be subject to the provider producing valid insurance certificates or licenses where possible. There may be variation in level of qualifications needed in different countries. We shall attempt to comply with that country’s rules and regulations, although at times this can prove difficult. We hold no liability whatsoever for misinterpreting regional rules, guidelines or laws regarding our operations.            


7. Food

7.1 Food is provided throughout the week with 3 meals per day plus some snacks and drinks.


7.2 Regrettably, we are unable to accommodate severe food intolerances, allergies or vegan diets. h cook vegetarian meals.


7.3 Timings of all meals will vary depending on the schedule, which can be flexible


7.4 We will often use third party catering firms and shall attempt to check that they comply with local rules and regulations regarding food hygiene. There may be instances where this is not possible and Surf Fit Life holds no liability whatsoever for any illness or loss due to illness caused by food poisoning.

7. Conduct


7.1 You are responsible for your own conduct (and for those you’ve booked on if you signed for them).


7.2 Whilst you are here to learn and have fun, we must ask that your conduct is reasonable at all times. Listening to the instructors or any other staff associated with the delivery of activities associated with Surf Fit Life is essential and requests/instructions followed in a timely manner. This is for the client’s own safety, the safety of the instructor or those around you.


7.3 Your general behaviour is expected to be reasonable. This includes noise levels, disruption and interaction with other people around you.


7.4 Surf Fit Life reserve the right to terminate your stay with us at any time with no refund whatsoever. We will give you sufficient multiple warnings if we consider your behaviour to be dangerous or disruptive. Following this, we will exclude you from the activities, accommodation and transport and may assist you in returning you home or to other accommodation which is not run, associated or supported by us.


7.5 If we consider your conduct to be serious, life threatening or violent then we have the right to terminate your stay or participation in activities with us with immediate effect. We are not liable for any loss, be it financial or reputation as a result of the action. Local law enforcement may be involved if your actions are considered unlawful.

8. Accommodation 

8.1 You will be staying in accommodation which is run by a third party. We shall attempt to ensure that the accommodation meets local laws, rules and regulations where possible. If this is not possible, Surf Fit Life holds no liability whatsoever for an loss or injury due to incidents involving the accommodation.


8.2 Please treat the accommodation with respect. Any loss or damage to the accommodation may result in Surf Fit Life or the accommodation owner pursuing you for damages.


8.3 You must exercise caution moving around the accommodation and use your common sense when carrying equipment such as surf boards.

9. Activities

9.1 You are aware and understand that surfing is an inherently dangerous sport and that there may be hazards beyond the control of the surf instructor or Surf Fit Life. Surf Fit Life will take reasonable precautions such as a risk assessment, normal and emergency operating  procedures to limit the risk.


9.2 You agree that Surf Fit Life or persons associated with Surf Fit Life are not liable in any way for any injury sustained or associated loss sustained by you for any reason, except where negligence is proven in a court of law, and that you will not pursue any case legally or otherwise.


9.3 Some of the other activities we run carry an element of risk. You must only participate in these activities if you feel able and confident to do so. You must let the instructor know at the earliest opportunity if you are unhappy about a particular activity or you are not physically able to participate safely. Surf Fit Life holds no liability whatsoever if you fail to disclose anything which could affect your performance/safety during certain activities.

9.4 Surf Fit Life highly recommend that you take out adequate personal travel insurance for your trip and be sure to mention the activities that you will be undertaking during the retreat or event operated by Surf Fit Life.​

10. Other Activities and third party suppliers


10.1 Other activities will be provided during your stay with us and each activity will be supervised. Activities delivered by Surf Fit Life will fall within our normal operating procedures.


10.2 Sometimes activities will be provided by a third party person or organisation. Surf Fit Life will assess the third party for suitability in delivering these activities but any liability will fall with the third party in case of injury or loss during that activity.


11. Changes to the proposed or advertised schedule

11.1  Surf Fit Life reserves the right to change, alter or cancel any activity on the proposed or advertised schedule at any time without reason. This will only happen on rare occasions or if  there are circumstances out of our control.


12. Use of image, likeness, video or other media

12.1 Surf Fit Life reserves the right to use your image, likeness, video or any other media taken during your stay with us or during any activity organised or lead by Surf Fit Life. We have the right to use any image or other media for the purposes of marketing and promotion of Surf Fit Life either in print or online, be it social media, website, blogs, adverts  or other unless you expressly tell us in writing at least 1 day before your visit/activity. Surf Fit Life promises to only use your image sensitively and with consideration.

13. Data Protection


13.1 Surf Fit  Life will never share your personal details with third parties for profit or gain. We may share some of your details with third parties associated with Surf Fit Life and our planned activities for safety reasons or where it is deemed necessary for that third party to hold certain information.

13.2 Surf Fit Life shall keep your details and information in a secure manner at all times.

14. Surf Fit Life’s right to cancel and refund your retreat or activity

14.1 Surf Fit Life retreats need at least 6 people booked in 6 weeks in advance to be able to run. If for whatever reason we do not get enough bookings to make the retreat viable then we have the right to cancel the retreat and issue a full refund for any monies already paid by you. We shall of course take all steps to prevent this from happening.


15. Refunds

15.1 If for whatever reason you decide that you can no longer attend a Surf Fit Life retreat, event or activity after having paid in full then it is up to the discretion of the Surf Fit Life team as to whether you will receive a part refund (either whole or part of the amount not including the non refundable deposit which will be retained by Surf Fit Life in all circumstances). Whether or not we decide to refund you will depend on the following: how close it is to the start of the retreat, event or activity which would affect reselling of the place, reason for cancellation, whether you are able to transfer to another date.