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Surf Fit Retreat - The Nazare Experience

If you come to our Portugal retreats (next dates October 2018) then you will be based in Nazare. Of course we wouldn't expect you to surf this world famous big wave surf spot, but just being around it is an incredible experience.

Our retreats are open to surfers (kiters, SUPers and any ocean sports really) of any level. We've had complete beginners, intermediate and expert in the same group as our small groups allow us to tailor the programme specifically to you.

We will of course find more manageable waves up and down the coast and Portugal always has somewhere to surf. However, Surf Fit is run by non other than professional big wave rider Andrew 'Cotty' Cotton and personal trainer to the stars Andrew 'Blakey' Blake. Both of these guys know Nazare intimately and Andrew Cotton was one of the first pioneers with Garrett McNamara back in 2010!

Cotty and Blakey will make sure that you are immersed in all things surf at this incredible surf spot. Cotty will give you tours of the lighthouse, talk about the canyon and the beach as well as an insight into the big wave surfer preparation centre in Nazare Harbour.

You may even be lucky enough to witness one of the massive swells which roll into Nazare from October onward and see Cotty in action riding giants. You will in all likelihood meet other big wave surfers along the way and possibly train with the likes of Garrett McNamara or Jamie Mitchell. You will live and breath surfing while your with us as we will be staying in the surf centre in Nazare just above North Beach which is the hub of surfing here.

But don't worry, we won't expect you to surf big waves. We'll find appropriate surf spots suitable to the group.

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