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Surf Fit Retreats Nazare Experience

Our Surf Fitness retreats are based in Nazare, Portugal. This is an absolutely stunning fishing town on the west coast about 1.5 hours above Lisbon. Nazare has become a 2nd home for Surf Fit's Andrew 'Cotty' Cotton. Cotty is a professional big wave surfer and he helped Garrett McNamara to pioneer Nazare from the early days in 2010! He was welcomed by the town with open arms and now really feels at home there.

Nazare is now the big wave Mecca of the world with the planet's biggest waves breaking there on a regular basis throughout the winter season from October to April. 2 world record waves have been set there of 78 feet by Garrett McNamara in 2011 (towed into the wave by Cotty) and now Rodrigo Koxa at 80 feet.

The waves really are an incredible thing to witness and if you come on our retreats there is a chance that you will see Nazare doing it's thing. You will get the full 'big wave experience' with Cotty (no, you wont' be expected to surf the waves there). He'll take you to all the big wave points of interest such as the surfer prep area in the harbour, the lighthouse and museum.

Between Surf Fit training sessions (and surfing of course) you'll have time to explore this amazing little town with all it's history and culture. Wherever you go the locals are friendly and the food is incredible.

Walking around the streets and alleyways truly is a wonderful experience with the smell of charcoal and fresh fish grilling filling your nostrils. And of course the weather is almost always fantastic with spring and autumn (our retreat dates) being best.

So what are you waiting for? The experience of a lifetime is an email away. Book early to avoid disappointment.

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