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Life long skills, techniques and fitness

Here at Surf Fit we do things a little differently. We think about our guests well after they've left our retreats. For us it's all about the long term.

Our aims are simple:

* teach you skills and techniques to become more confident in the ocean

* teach you how to become and stay fit, especially for surfing

* have some fun along the way

Although our retreats are professionally delivered and cover a range of skills and techniques, they are always delivered in a fun and engaging way. There really is no pressure for guests to take part in anything they are not comfortable with and we will work with each and every one of you to get the most out of the week.

And this brings me back to thinking about our guests well after each retreat. The individual care that you will receive builds enduring bonds. We care about whether you're surfing well or feeling fitter than before the retreats. We follow our guests on social media and it's great to see them using what they've learnt with us to get more out of their sport (whether that be performance or enjoyment).

Our group sizes will be no more than 8 people (give or take a few sessions where the local big waves legends may join in) and this means that we can target the training specifically to each individual guest. We understand that you will all have different levels, abilities and aims so we will work with you from well before the retreat has started.

Don't take our word for it though. Check out these reviews below.

"I was fortunate to spend a week with the team in Nazare. It was awesome. To have the opportunity to surf good waves, whilst learning from professionals how to train to maintain surfing fitness was amazing. At the end of the week, I felt so much better in the water, and the skills that the guys taught will be practiced at home, to keep me in shape for when there are waves.Cotty, Blakey and Becky were so friendly and helpful with every aspect of surfing fitness. And the the food provided was outstanding. Hope to see you again soon guys."

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Next retreat dates are in October. Check this link for info

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