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**Unfortunately cancelled!** SURF FIT COURSE DATES! April 18th to 25th 2020 - Beginner/Intermediate

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Join us in Portugal next April for our Surf Fitness and Ocean Confidence Courses! This week will be aimed at lower level surfers who want to take their surfing to the next level. You'll get an insight into the professional training of high level surfers and then receive this training specifically for you and your level. Yes it's based in Nazare and yes one of our instructors is a pro big wave surfer, but we've developed a course which is accessible to all levels. No egos at all here, so don't feel that you don't have the right level. Everyone is welcome and we've catered for complete beginners before.

Our Surf Fit courses are highly engaging, fun and extremely rewarding in so many ways. You will come away with a whole new set of skills and will be able to apply these and the techniques you've learnt in your everyday life as well as your training programme.

Our instructors are professional big wave surfer Andrew 'Cotty' Cotton, surf performance and fitness coach Andrew 'Blakey' Blake and qualified Osteopath and all round star Rebecca 'Bex' Cardew. The team are there to support you throughout the week and you'll enjoy new experiences as well as the professionally delivered training. You'll get an exclusive insight into the big wave surfing scene in Nazare with tours of the world famous lighthouse and surfer preparation area in the harbour with instructor Andrew Cotton.

All food and accommodation is included in the price and we offer one airport transfer on arrival Saturday afternoon (try to time your flight to come in late morning to early afternoon). If you miss out transfer we'll help you with logistics in getting to our Surf Fit base in Nazare from Lisbon airport (buses, train or shared taxi). We then offer one transfer on departure Saturday late morning.

Our guests go away with a feeling of having joined a family for a week and been fully immersed in a supportive and fun environment as well as having stepped up their overall confidence in water and therefore level of surfing. We are not a surf school, but aim to equip guests with the tools to feel comfortable in the water, boost their overall fitness and flexibility and be able to deal with challenging situations in a relaxed and positive way.

Throughout the course there will be sessions on the following:

* Strength and conditioning

* Breath hold, breathing techniques and mindset

* Flexibility and core stability

* Daily yoga and mindfulness

* Surfing (we see the surfing element of the course as a 'free session' to release after the training)

* Aerobic training (different locations such as the beach, the cliff stairway and back at base)

* Psychology of challenging situations and how to overcome negative thoughts

* Endurance training

* Assessments before and after the course and tips/tools specific to you

* Injury awareness and rehabilitation/prevention

* Full immersion into the Nazare big wave surfing scene (from a safe distance) with Surf Fit instructor and pro big wave surfer (Nazare veteran) Andrew Cotton

* Time to visit this beautiful town and enjoy the scenery, history and culture.

You can read what others say about us by following this link

You can also find out all about us on Instagram and Facebook!

The course cost £1,150 GBP including all food and accommodation (you need to book your own flights). The food is delicious and nutritious and locally sourced by our amazing catering company.

*There is the option to add an awesome online Surf Fitness 6 week course which was developed by Surf Fit instructor and professional fitness coach Andrew 'Blakey' Blake. There is a link to info on the course here

We can offer you this online course at a discounted rate of £149. It's great to do before you come on the Surf Fit week.

If you want to read more about us, just head to

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