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Surf Fit - No Egos!

So why write a blog about our Surf Fit courses having 'no egos'? And what does that actually mean? Can a course have an ego etc. OK, so I agree that's poorly worded. What I'm trying to say, is that you will find our team open, humble, friendly, empathetic, kind and funny. There is no 'surfer cool' with Surf Fit.

The best learning environment is when guests feel happy, secure, at ease and not judged. We're there to support in a positive way, regardless of your level, your aims or your limitations. Our team of three instructors Andrew Blake (sports fitness professional), Andrew Cotton (pro big wave surfer) and Bex (qualified chiropractor, masseuse, organiser, friendly ear and much more) are all down to earth individuals who care deeply about your time with us.

I realise that this sounds a bit corny, but it's surprising how nervous people can feel when thinking about booking onto our course. We're not going to throw you into 20 foot surf. Our small groups mean that we can tailor training to your level. You'll be assessed when you join us to suss out any injuries, limitations and your rough fitness level. This will guide your training schedule.

We've also found that the groups themselves tend to be full of genuine and fun people. I think these courses attract a certain kind of person who's open to new experiences and who is invariably friendly.

Yes, the training is pretty full on. It's a professionally delivered course and it will at times challenge you. However, that challenge never goes beyond the point where you feel you don't wish to participate. Our openness allows you to let us know if you're really uncomfortable with something, or whether you're just uncomfortable because you're being challenged. These are two very different feelings. We will never push you to the point where you feel self conscious, but we will push you to achieve your potential. This applies to anything from our Breath Hold Training to the infamous Stair Run!

Don't take our word for it. Check out the reviews on this link or visit our Facebook page to see the 5 star reviews.

Review from Wayne - Surf Fit Course 2018

"I was fortunate to spend a week with the team in Nazare. It was awesome. To have the opportunity to surf good waves, whilst learning from professionals how to train to maintain surfing fitness was amazing. At the end of the week, I felt so much better in the water, and the skills that the guys taught will be practised at home to keep me in shape for when there are waves. Cotty, Blakey and Becky were so friendly and helpful with every aspect of surfing fitness. And the the food provided was outstanding. Hope to see you again soon guys."

To summarise, if you've been thinking about doing this course but haven't felt 'ready' to approach us, you can do so in the knowledge that you'll be treated respectfully and with integrity.

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