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Surf Fit Nazare – Week 1

So our first SurfFit week at Nazare is drawing to a close. The feedback has been incredible, the weather great, food exceptional and the all round experience very positive for everybody.

The whole group has been really focused and keen to push themselves in all of the activities. It’s not all hard work though as the group have experienced real Nazare, chatted with global big wave surfers, had tours of the famous lighthouse and Red Bull warehouse where all the kit is kept and drank beer in the setting sun on the headland.

They have been surfing and sightseeing in their free time and hanging out at our retreat centre. With all meals provided they can really focus on the purpose of the week which is to increase ocean awareness, boost confidence, improve overall fitness and take your surfing to the next level.

Here a just a few of the sessions the group have attended so far:

Full physical assessment (to individually target level of support), daily Yoga, paddle practice in the ocean, swim training, breath training, gym sessions (both indoor and outdoor), aerobic workout on the famous Nazare cliff stairway, presentation on mindset and psychology of surfing bigger waves, an introduction to hypoxic training (improving performance and adapting to low oxygen), strength conditioning, and meditation.

We have been very lucky to have had input from professional big wave surfers Garrett McNamara (who has been present the whole week), Eric ‘Towsurfer’ Akiskalian and Mark Visser. They have definitely added value to the week with their experience and ocean knowledge.

To quote one of the retreat attendees during an informal chat yesterday “I feel like I’ve won the lottery”! So that’s going to be hard to top!

Our main instructors Andrew ‘Cotty’ Cotton and Andrew ‘Blakey’ Blake love delivering these retreats.

They can very quickly see progress in the group and get a real buzz from helping others to enjoy the ocean as much as they do.

We have further retreats coming up in April in Nazare and Dubai in May.

Other dates and locations to follow. You will need to book quickly as these retreats fill up fast.

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