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SurfFit – What’s it all about?

SurfFit was the brainchild of big wave surfer Andrew Cotton (Cotty) and his personal trainer Andrew Blake (Blakey). It was born out of the need for Cotty to have to perform and survive in bigger and bigger waves as his surfing took a turn towards the gigantic.

Andrew Cotton - Cotty

From pioneering big wave spots off the coast of Ireland to working with current big wave world record holder Garrett McNamara in the early days at Nazare, Cotty has been at the forefront of European big surfing.

He regularly surfs big waves around the world, from West Australia to Hawaii and California. Every wave is different and puts different demands onto the surfer’s skill, experience and physical ability. Staying fit and healthy is always at the top of the priority list for any big wave surfer as it can be a matter of serious injury, or indeed life or death.

However, to really enjoy surfing you have to have a certain level of fitness to get something back from the often massive effort you put in to get on a wave. Just with waiting for big wave swells, many surfers have to wait for their own variables to fall into line to be able to hit the ocean. This can lead to varying periods away from the sea, and as we all know, it’s very difficult to keep Surf Fit without actually surfing.

Out of necessity, Cotty has developed techniques over time to stay Surf Fit when out of the water. These have been consolidated with his personal instructor Blakey, approaching the surf fitness conundrum in a dynamic and holistic way.

Andrew Blake – Blakey

Blakey is a truly unique character with a real passion for helping people get, and stay, fit and healthy. His unconventional delivery and enthusiasm have inspired hundreds of people of all levels and abilities to achieve their own personal goals.

Blakey has a wealth of experience dealing with athletes of all levels including Olympic athletes, international sports teams and the worlds best surfers. He has internationally recognised qualifications in fitness, coaching, lecturing, massage therapy and is a 200 hour vinyasa flow yoga teacher.

His depth of knowledge is outstanding and his coaching delivery never dull. Highly approachable, he is sensitive to individual needs and works hard to keep clients comfortable and relaxed, especially in a group setting.

Blakey can give you a full body assessment to decide what should be the focus of his support. His results are excellent and his numerous testimonials speak for themselves. Coming from a surfing town (and being a surfer himself) he is very used to working with surfers of all ages and abilities who have different goals.


Bex is the glue that holds the whole thing together. She loves working with people to make sure that their experience at Surf Fit retreats is as good as it can possibly be. Bex has a wealth of experience in the hospitality and health/fitness sectors and is a trained masseuse (perfect for distressing after a Surf Fit workout).

Our Surf Fit Retreats are known for their friendly yet professional atmosphere. It is our aim to allow people to relax and enjoy the week as well as get a huge amount from it. Bex can tactfully and discretely deal with any issues you may have to put you at ease and in the frame of mind to learn and enjoy the retreat.

Guest Instructors

From time to time we will be bringing in guest instructors to enhance the week and add their own experience and skills to the retreat. Surfers that we have worked with so far include Garrett McNamara, Mark Visser and Eric (Towsurfer) Akiskalian.

Each of these incredible watermen bring their own take on what is needed to improve your surfing and stay safe in the ocean. They are able to instil confidence in you to boost your surfing to the next level.

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