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SurfFit Retreats Nazaré, Portugal 7th – 14th October 2017 with Andrew Cotton and Andrew Blake


SurfFit Retreats Nazare, Portugal 7th – 14th October 2017 with Andrew Cotton and Andrew Blake.

This October, Surf Fit will be running week long retreats at the world famous big wave surfing spot of Nazare, Portugal.

Don’t worry, you won’t be expected to tackle the massive waves that roll in here as there will be options to get in the water at more manageable surf spots. You will be able to surf in your own time and we can take you to spots which match your ability.

In fact, these retreats are designed to boost your confidence in the water rather than teach you to surf. Using a wide variety of techniques and tried and tested methods our expert instructors will tackle all aspects of water confidence both physical and mental. Topics covered during the week will include:

  • Individual screening and analysis

  • Daily yoga sessions

  • Surf specific strength and conditioning

  • Meditation/ sports psychology

  • Pool and breath sessions

  • Surf sessions for all levels and ability

  • Learn how to tow surf (technical, land based lessons – this is good if you want to get into foiling too)

  • Lectures and seminars on surf fitness, nutrition and motivation

  • End of week analysis and programme to help future development

You don’t have to be a top surfer to attend and because we’ve kept the group sizes small we can offer bespoke coaching and training for your own ability. There will be a very friendly, relaxed atmosphere so you won’t feel embarrassed about your level of surfing, or fitness.

UK based big wave surfer Andrew Cotton will be on hand throughout the week sharing his knowledge and experience on how to be safe and confident in a variety of ocean conditions. And he has a wealth of experience to draw on, having surfed big waves all around the world for nearly 20 years. Andrew will help you to look at mindset and psychology as well as breathing and what he does to stay SurfFit.

Personal trainer to the stars, Andrew Blake has worked closely with Andrew for many years and has also worked with pro surfers Gabriel Medina, Garrett McNamara and Alana Blanchard.

However, Andrew runs regular surf and fitness clinics in his home town in SW England where he trains and guides beginner surfers, intermediates and improvers of all ages, sexes and fitness levels.

Bex will also be on hand to help the weeks run smoothly and keep tired, aching bodies functioning perfectly with yoga sessions and massage. Bex has worked with both Andrew’s for many years and is excellent at making you feel at home. She also has a deep understanding of how physical and mental wellbeing can improve your performance, not just in the surf, but in all aspects of your life.

World Champion Big Wave Surfer Garrett McNamara will also be dipping in and out of the weeks to train alongside side when his time commitments allow. Australian extreme waterman Mark Visser has also been on hand giving tips and guidance on how to be safe in the water, breathing and first aid.

The weeks will be based at the incredible ‘Surf Specific’ facility not far from North Beach, Nazare.

The weeks are all inclusive and there will be people on hand 24/7 to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

This week really will be very special indeed. You will be submersed in surfing culture in Nazare’s bespoke Surf Centre and will have a chance to visit this beautiful town. If while you’re there a massive swell pops up, then you can watch Andrew Cotton and the other big wave surfers charging the biggest waves in the world with exclusive access to the famous lighthouse roof.

With the perfect climate and delicious food, what more could you want?

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