Frequently Asked Questions 

Answers to a few questions which are often asked:

Is food and accommodation included in the price? 

Yes, this is an 'all inclusive' retreat. You will get three healthy, nutritious meals a day. We often do a packed lunch so that we can be flexible with surf trips and training locations. Evening meals are always hot with delicious desserts. The only meal not included in the price is when we all go out as a group on the final Friday evening.


Will we surf everyday? Yes, we will try to. Although we are not a 'surf school', surfing is at the heart of everything we do. We'll try to find best spots for the group and go when conditions are looking good. 

Do I need to bring my own equipment? (wetsuit, surfboard)

We suggest that you definitely bring your own wetsuit. People always feel more comfortable in their own wetsuits. If you have a board that you're ok to travel with, then please do bring it. We can provide some boards (just let us know in advance), but again, people are often more comfortable with their own. 

Does it matter if I'm not a very good surfer or have just started? 

We say no, it doesn't matter at all. We have had beginners on most of our retreat weeks and they have still got loads from the weeks. We do say however that you need to be able to swim at least 200 meters. We try to find surf breaks which are suitable for the whole group and if there are any expert surfers in the group we'll sometimes take them elsewhere to surf. Instructors and qualified beach lifeguards Cotty and Blakey will be on hand to support you too.

What is the accommodation like?

The accommodation is in our surf specific training center in Nazare, Portugal. The center is based a few minutes walk above North Beach on the edge of town. It's a series of rooms with 4 bunks per room. We never put 4 people in a room together. Maximum is 3 and often 2 share. You can ask for a single room to yourself but there is an extra to pay for this and only if rooms are available. The center is open and relaxed with great facilities on-site. There is a lecture/yoga area, a TV room (where you can watch surf movies with local legends), a fully functioning gym, outside space, dining area and more. It's a great base for our retreats. 

What kit will I need to bring?

Apart from wetsuit (and board if you can) you should bring the following too: suncream, couple of towels, clothing suitable for training, any medication you'll need, water bottle, something to wear at night (if sharing a room), any special diet food you may need, phone charger, photo ID, medical history if relevant, enough clothes to last the week (check the weather before you come. It can be hot or it can be fairly chilly at this time of year, especially in the evenings).